Global International Gold Rush Delivery Service

Temple City, California 1 comment

Phone have just won a new Mercedes and $500,000 dollars as a second place pay 10% of $2500 purchasing not give any info ....

I asked for a phone number to call so I could be sure not a scam...the number is a Jamaica phone 876-360-8789. The man had terrible english.

If they call again I will tell them I will meet them with a local FBI Agent at my home to accept the check and delivery of my new car.Oh and that I have already called the local media so they don't have to.



The same thing just happened to me the man had a horrible accent I hardly understood him he said his name is Michael Blake phone 876-361-0726.He called me atleast 10 to 12 times I thought it was funny at first untill they said they have my address and started asking me what color my house was!

that scared me. I am suppost to get a package from ups and fbi agents this afternoon at 2:00 with a couple million dollar check in it. And all I would have to do is send a check to some one in ohio . I said I will do no such thing and I will be expecting my package this afternoon thank you.

I hate people that prey on others. This one was very very harrassing. I asked how he got my name and he said it was from paying my utilites. He gave me a ref#,package#,Pin# that he said they got from the FBI and were in contact with the Irs.

I said great I will call the FBI and see if they have that pin #,who did he talk to?

He said it was an undercover agent.So I place my call to the FBI and just waiting to give them the info they need to maybe do something.

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